Relying on HTTPS will give you and your visitors more peace of mind, find out why.

Relying on HTTPS will give you and your visitors more peace of mind, find out why.

Knowing what https is is essential for anyone who wants to use the internet in their digital presence strategy . Through it, it is possible to have more security when being on the internet and provide more reliability to your audience.

Knowing this, we prepared this article, with information that will help you understand what https is, the difference to http, how it operates and an efficient way to use it on your website. So, are you coming with us?

What is https?

It would be something like “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol”. Through it, you can access the most diverse content on servers around the world.

Note that all the information we access on our smartphones, notebooks and computers is saved in a certain location. Therefore, this internet protocol exists precisely to enable the exchange of information between a user and a server.

In this sense, the “http” part of the protocol will take care of aspects related to the insertion of information. The “s”, which represents security, refers to the way of guaranteeing protection regarding data traffic.

That said, we’ve put together a really cool video that will help you learn more about the subject.

What is the difference between http and https?

It is quite common for there to be confusion between http and https. However, we need to make it clear that there is an important difference between the two.

This is because, in the second, there is a resource that provides a more secure exchange of information, this occurs because encryption is used to make it happen.

Therefore, interception of data by third parties becomes more difficult.

In this sense, it allows for greater protection and this is significantly important when it comes, for example, to financial transactions and other actions that deal with sensitive data.

Adopting the https protocol is a strategy that has helped many websites to prevent their users from falling victim to:

  • blows;
  • fraud;
  • improper interception of information.

One of the signs that the page uses https is the existence of a padlock icon, on the left side next to the address of the page visited.

But remember that it must be closed, if it is open or there is another image, it is a negative sign, that is, the page may be more vulnerable to information interception.

It should be noted that it also helps to comply with legislation that deals with the subject, such as the General Data Protection Law.

Understanding more about LGPD

Also known as LGPD , this is Law No. 13,709/2018. It aims to ensure the privacy of users on the internet, defining penalties for those who violate what it determines.

It defines rules linked to the collection, processing, storage and sharing of data. In this sense, the law even establishes a greater sensitivity classification for certain data, such as those linked to children and adolescents.

That said, it is necessary to include that https is your ally when talking about strategies to promote greater protection of information in the virtual environment.

What is encryption?

When we talk about data security on the internet, it is essential to comment on encryption. It is nothing more than a technology that aims to protect the exchange of information.

In fact, it is a way of encoding a message so that only the recipient has access to it. The https internet protocol uses precisely this tool to provide greater protection.

How does https work?

We have already seen that https is an internet protocol used to exchange information in the virtual environment, but how does it work?

A type of encryption is used, generally SSL/TLS, to protect information traffic. Therefore, we can say that the information is “mixed” and can be reorganized only by those who have a certain “key”.

It will also be concerned with the integrity of the data, ensuring that it does not change during transport. Furthermore, https uses another level of protection called authentication, which seeks to ensure that the page being visited is, in fact, what was requested.

This is especially important when we see scams that use fake websites.

How to use https on the website?

You’ve come this far, realized that your site doesn’t use the protocol, but do you want to adhere to it?

So you need to understand that the process is quite simple. The initial step is to install an SSL protocol on your page, which is offered by many different companies.

Sometimes the server itself may offer it. Furthermore, you will need to worry about the location where the accommodation will take place. Find out how concerned and prepared he is to avoid clones.

Another important tip is to check whether the server’s compatible resources are compatible with https. This is especially true if you need to deal with images, videos, scripts in general and other functionalities.

Once installed, make sure there are no internal errors or even if the links on your site are misdirected.

Counting on the right help is always the best alternative!

We have seen so far in our conversation that https is a protocol that will help you to have a more secure website when having a digital presence. Furthermore, it is important not to confuse it with http, which does not have aspects linked to cryptographic protection.

Also using this tool will help you provide visitors to your page with greater reliability. Additionally, it helps keep you out of trouble with the law.

Following the tips we brought here will help you implement it and, to make this process easier, counting on specialized help is always the best alternative. Remember that having support from those who understand will save you time, make choices aligned with what you need and at lower costs.

We include that, nowadays, adopting strategies that provide greater security on the internet is a valid concern. Taking action considering this aspect will help you avoid a lot of discomfort.

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