What is content marketing and how to position your business?

What is content marketing and how to position your business?

Nowadays, every business needs to know what content marketing is. Discover the advantages of applying this type of strategy!

Even if you don’t yet know what content marketing is , it’s very likely that you’ve already come into contact with this strategy on different websites.

Every day, new formats and platforms emerge in the digital world, presenting a plethora of advantages to enterprises adept at seizing the chances presented to them.

As a result, using effective digital marketing techniques is now a must for any firm looking to differentiate itself from the competition.

Continue reading to have a better understanding of content marketing and its function in this circumstance.

What is content marketing?

Standing out among competitors and attracting more customers to your business is a common objective for all companies, as it is essential to achieving good performance in the market.

Content marketing is another tactic applied to achieve these objectives, by building the brand’s image in the digital environment.

This strategy consists of creating content that is relevant to the company’s target audience, bringing more people closer to its customer base by offering valuable information to this group.

Given the multiplicity of spaces offered by the virtual environment, this content can be produced on different platforms, in different formats.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the best options for each business, making it possible to bet on posts for blogs or social networks, videos, images, e-books and other options that appear on the company’s horizon.

Therefore, even if you had no idea what content marketing was before this post, you have certainly come across this strategy in some virtual environment.

The differences between content marketing and inbound marketing

When we talk about what content marketing is, it is quite common for people to confuse the concept with inbound marketing , as they both work in a similar way, but with important particularities that distinguish them.

In both cases, we are talking about strategies applied in the digital environment so that the way a brand reaches its consumers is as favorable as possible. However, they serve different purposes.

Inbound marketing ‘s main objective is to generate leads , that is, consumers who establish contact with the brand and, with each action, get closer to a company’s customer base.

The point is that content marketing can be used to accomplish this goal, but generating leads is not its end goal.

The focus of content-oriented strategies is, in fact, to exert some type of influence on consumer choice.

In this sense, many companies may not invest in inbound marketing, as they are not necessarily looking for leads .

This is the case, for example, of a brand that is present in supermarkets and other establishments, while using the digital environment to communicate with the end consumer of its products.

Your focus is not necessarily on transforming these consumers into leads for your brand, but on creating a connection through content marketing, gaining visibility, credibility and people’s trust through this strategy.

What are the advantages of this strategy?

After understanding what content marketing is, you can now understand its advantages.

Increased online presence

Content marketing promotes increased company visibility in the digital environment.

By offering blog posts that are informative, for example, you can increase the page’s organic traffic and get more people to access your website.

For businesses that need to strengthen their presence in the digital environment, this is a fundamental process.

Highlights the company on Google

Whether looking for information, a solution to a problem or simply a product we are interested in, Google is a tool that people turn to daily.

By applying content marketing effectively, it is possible to take the website to the first page of Google , which brings even more visibility to the brand, placing it in the sight of the many users who access the search tool.

Strengthening the company’s image

Another advantage is the strengthening of the company’s image among its target audience , since the content offered can demonstrate knowledge about the segment in which it operates, helping to build a relationship of greater trust in the brand.

Furthermore, creating a good schedule is of great importance in this context, as remaining visible and present in the daily lives of this group can also be a good way to strengthen and consolidate the brand’s image.

Educate the market

In many market niches, it is natural that consumers do not have much knowledge to help them find the best solution.

In this sense, knowing what content marketing is and developing good strategies is the first step for your company to disseminate more information about your sector, expanding the knowledge of your target audience.

Increases audience engagement

Anyone who thinks that engagement is a subject that only belongs to social media is mistaken!

With a good content marketing strategy, you can make the public engage more with your brand, in the sense that these actions help to create a bond that builds customer loyalty and improves your “word of mouth” advertising.

Financially advantageous

Have you ever heard of LTV? Lifetime Value is a prediction of the value that a customer has for the brand, considering the entire period of their relationship with it.

In other words, how much is invested in this customer over time, while their relationship with the company lasts.

By investing in a good content marketing strategy, your investment will have a greater return from the customer, as the tendency is to increase sales.

Furthermore, we cannot forget the CAC, the Customer Acquisition Cost , which is the amount invested in each new consumer that a brand attracts to its customer base.

By making your strategies more efficient and obtaining better results, the tendency is for this value to also be reduced.

Can all types of business invest in content marketing?

From small to large companies, every type of business benefits from knowing what content marketing is and applying these strategies.

After all, generating leads, strengthening the brand image and gaining credibility in the market are important advantages for any type of venture.

Of course, to achieve this, you also need to know the best ways to apply this strategy with quality and effectiveness, taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

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