Learn how to apply storytelling techniques and create a successful content marketing strategy

Learn how to apply storytelling techniques and create a successful content marketing strategy

The concept of what storytelling is refers to the ability to pass on facts and ideas through a fluid and cohesive narrative.

Bringing it into the context of the content marketing strategy , it is important for visitors to your blog to be able to generate empathy and identification with your product and your company.

It was with this challenge common to all types of content producers in mind that Joseph Campbell presented in the book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” a narrative pattern known as the hero’s journey.

If you want to know how to apply these storytelling techniques and be able to structure your story so that visitors identify with your product, check out the content:

1. Make an eye-catching introduction

In a content marketing strategy, it is in the introduction that the process of awakening empathy in your audience begins.

Therefore, this is the moment according to storytelling techniques when you have to make him identify with your hero, in this case, your cause: the product.

To do this, present the situation in which your “fish” finds itself in an attractive way so that it can see itself there.

This is because in the practice of storytelling, creating a connection is essential for the reader to feel encouraged to continue following the story carefully.

This way, use plenty of triggers to stimulate it and then you’re ready to continue creating your content.

2.Present a problem

After catching the reader’s attention through the introduction, now it’s time to present a problem in order to awaken the necessary curiosity to make them continue to the end of the content.

Therefore, one of the tips on how to do storytelling is that it shouldn’t take too long to get the ball rolling from the introduction to the conflict, after all, if you start to “stuff” the audience may lose interest.

To prevent this from happening, try to explore problems that connect with the reality and interests of the people who will read your content.

And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Examples of storytelling include reconciling a busy life with a healthy routine, organizing your schedule, establishing clearer goals, etc.

Thus, with these storytelling techniques you can awaken the necessary empathy to make the reader engage with the reading below.

3. Show the paths to overcoming

During the presentation of the problem, several obstacles will appear, such as, following the storytelling examples, lack of time, unforeseen events in the agenda, etc.

And even if you apply storytelling techniques from the introduction, it’s normal for your reader to feel cornered and even unprepared to face this issue.

Therefore, his challenge at this stage is, in addition to showing the challenges, to show all the ways he can take to further overcome this impediment.

To do this, demonstrate how your company understands your pain and how it can help you solve this problem that previously seemed impossible to leave behind.

4. The final challenge

The final challenge phase of how to do storytelling is not exactly up to your company, but rather to the reader who has accompanied you so far on this journey.

After knowing the details of your problem and navigating the paths that can help you overcome this obstacle, it’s time to take a step towards solving it.

So, it is up to your company to leave here all the necessary triggers so that they feel that your product is the right answer to resolve their issue once and for all.

This way, they will feel safe and confident that they made the right choice and you can take them to the last stage of storytelling techniques within your content marketing strategy.

5. Conclude with problem resolution

Finally, we now come to the storytelling techniques of showing the happy ending that the reader will experience after purchasing your product.

To do this, show how happy he will feel and how much easier his life will be after he starts counting on your solution.

This way you end your text with one last encouragement to leave no doubt about how essential it is to rely on your product if it wants to solve all your problems.

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