What is Content Marketing and how does it impact your business?

What is Content Marketing and how does it impact your business?

In an increasingly connected world, it is necessary to develop strategies that not only use the internet as a channel, but also take advantage of its full potential.

One of them is Content Marketing, whose concept has as its principle generating value to the public through relevant and educational materials.

This way you can strengthen relationships with current and potential customers, which contributes to building a strong and trustworthy image of your company in the market.

And we don’t even need to say that this is also great for increasing sales, right?

But to enjoy all the benefits of this strategy you need to know how to do Content Marketing! So let’s check it out step by step?

What is Content Marketing and how does it impact your business?

As we have already said on the blog, Content Marketing is a methodology that aims to create a relationship with potential customers through relevant content.

Through blog texts, ebooks, social media posts, etc., you attract more attention to your brand and engage users in order to generate value for your company and create a positive image of it.

This is because Content Marketing targets a specific audience, which has the most affinity and interest in what your company does, which contributes to building its reputation.

This way, the strategy can increase the reach of your business with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, after all, these actions are all carried out in the online environment.

Furthermore, by producing quality content, you are educating a market so that it will become interested in purchasing the product or service that your company sells in the future.

Therefore, knowing how to do Content Marketing improves not only your business’s relationship with its potential and current consumers, but also your sales!

How to do Content Marketing and get results?

Now that you know what it is and how the methodology is beneficial to your business, you may be wondering how to do Content Marketing.

Remember that to take advantage of all the advantages of adopting this strategy, you need to do good planning and use the right channels to achieve the expected results.

But that’s not all, you know? So let’s get to know the other steps?

1. Analyze the market

The first step in how to do Content Marketing is to know the scenario in which your company operates and who interacts with it.

To do this, you can start by analyzing indicators of new visitors, bounce rate, comments on social media, etc.

This way you can collect data such as age, education, region where users live, among others, to form a simple profile of the people who interact with your brand.

Furthermore, you also need to analyze how your competition relates to consumers.

This allows you to better understand which type of content is most relevant to your audience within this segment and how it should be shared.

2. Create personas

As we already said on the blog, persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer created from research among your current consumers.

With it, it is possible to know not only basic information, such as age, gender and economic status, but also, and mainly, your purchasing habits and preferences.

This way you can have a better idea of ​​who will consume your material within Content Marketing on social media.

And this is interesting, because this way you can adopt the appropriate language for your audience and produce content that fits their needs.

This way, your company proves to be a reference on the subject and gains relevance in the market by knowing how to give consumers what they need.

3. Plan the content

After understanding the segment in which your company operates and having developed your persona, the next step in how to do Content Marketing is to plan the material that will be produced.

Based on what you already know about your audience’s interests, try to think of interesting topics that meet their needs.

Understand that at first the idea is not to sell, but rather to offer relevant information on a certain subject to create a relationship with the user.

To make it clearer, let’s think about the following content marketing examples. A supermarket can publish recipes to engage its audience.

A shoe store can teach people how to create looks with shoes or what is trending this season.

Always try to link the material with the area of ​​activity of your business, in order to build a good reputation within the sector.

4. Define communication channels

After you have already thought about your marketing content, the next step is to define the channels through which your material will be shared.

To do this, you need to go back to your persona’s profile and see which outlets they frequent most.

That’s because for a social media content marketing strategy to be efficient, you need to be where your audience is, right?

After all, what’s the point of your material being excellent if it’s shared on a network where the audience isn’t qualified?

Therefore, be selective: those who know how to do Content Marketing prefer to publish on the social network most frequented by their persona rather than on all others.

5. Keep channels up to date

Don’t think that once you’ve created your marketing content the work is over, okay?

This is because for your social media content marketing strategy to be efficient, you also need to take care of the frequency and quantity of posts.

Additionally, there is the option of paid media, such as examples of Content Marketing via ads on Facebook and Instagram, which can stay up for longer.

Whatever method you choose, always try to use your social networks during the period when your persona uses them most.

And to demonstrate even more commitment to that user, be sure to answer their questions, whether by message or comment on communication channels.

This way you can even collect more information about this consumer’s preferences and optimize your Content Marketing strategy.

6. Have a Call to Action

This penultimate step on how to do Content Marketing serves to engage your audience and strengthen the bonds between them and your company.

This is because the call to action, or action button, are those words or even banners that direct the visitor to another page.

Therefore, in addition to serving as an invitation to share a certain publication, it is also great to be used at the end of a text on the blog.

Through it, you can offer to subscribe to a newsletter or some educational material that complements the marketing content they consumed.

This way, you not only strengthen your relationship with your audience, but you can also filter the contact of those visitors who are most interested in what you have to say.

And this is essential in strategies that aim to convert customers, such as Inbound Marketing , which enhances the results of marketing content.

7. Evaluate the results

Finally, the last step in how to do Content Marketing is evaluating the results.

This is because it is important to measure the effectiveness of your strategy, as well as whether results were achieved for future actions.

To do this, you need to keep an eye on key performance indicators, which should be defined at the beginning of your planning.

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