Customer Success: discover what it is and how important it is

Customer Success: discover what it is and how important it is

Your business needs to understand what Customer Success is to be able to grow and evolve today. Access and discover its importance and its use!

Customer Success aims to ensure that customers of a product or service have the best result after purchasing. It is a huge factor in ensuring that your customer becomes loyal and also enchanted with your business or brand. Remembering that retaining and retaining a customer is much cheaper than prospecting new customers !

Therefore, in this article we will understand a little more about what Customer Success is and the importance of this technique. Continue reading and check it out!

What is Customer Success ?

Customer Success is a business philosophy that places the customer at the center of all a company’s activities.

Successful consumers of a business’s goods or services are more likely to stick with it and even become ardent brand ambassadors, urging prospective buyers to check it out.

This area can bring a huge difference to the company and help cut costs, as the CAC, or Customer Acquisition Cost, especially in B2B niches, is not low at all.

So, according to Jason Lemkin, managing director at Storm Ventures, “ Customer Success is where 90% of revenue is. ”

Therefore, this process is about ensuring that everything went as smoothly as possible during the purchase process, but, going beyond the customer journey that ends with the purchase or hiring of a service, it is necessary to think about post-sales and whether the customer is satisfied with the product or service purchased.

Retaining a current customer is far less expensive than bringing in a new one. To put it another way, you must invest in the success of your first client, if there is only one, in order to win their loyalty through a positive experience and a successful transaction.

How to ensure customer success?

Now that you know what Customer Success is , you might be wondering how it works in practice. Therefore, we are going to mention some tips so that you can offer the best experience for your customers within your business.

1. Follow Up

This is one of the most important points for Customer Success . Carrying out a Follow Up means that the employee responsible for the customer success area must monitor the customer’s familiarization with the service or product obtained.

As far as possible, he must guide the customer when there are doubts and help him, being available to provide consultancy or support. This Follow Up can be done through different communication channels, such as Whatsapp, telephone, email or chat.

2. Recover lost customers

One of the roles of those who work with CS should be to focus on recapturing customers who have left. The professional will be very close to the customer during post-sales, so it is their role to understand the reasons that lead to churn and devise strategies to “re-fish” strategic consumers.

3. Make the customer integrate with the product or service

Ensuring that your customer understands the product or service and understands its functions and benefits is extremely important.

Therefore, the professional helps to resolve doubts and give tips to optimize the integration process. Furthermore, there are also companies that promote events to improve this process even further, such as webinars focused on reinforcing the integration stages between customer and product.

What to do before opting for a CS?

Before you and your company hire a Customer Success, it is recommended that you have a lead prospecting strategy .

This strategy is critical to ensuring your customer success has a steady flow of prospects with a high potential for success. Here are some important steps to developing an effective lead prospecting strategy:

Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): identify the characteristics and traits that define the ideal customer for your business. Understanding who your best customers are will help target prospecting to the right audience.

Conduct market research: Conduct market research to identify customer segments with needs compatible with your offering. This will allow you to target prospecting to specific groups that can benefit most from your product or service.

Use diverse lead sources: Use a variety of sources to capture qualified leads. This may include digital marketing, social media, participation in industry events, referrals from satisfied customers, among other strategies.

Develop pertinent content: provide high-quality, pertinent material to draw in new clients for your company. The content can take the shape of webinars, blogs, e-books, films, and other resources that benefit your intended audience.

Establish a sales funnel: Create a well-structured sales funnel, with defined steps to guide the potential customer from first contact to conversion into a customer.

Measure and track results: closely monitor the results of lead prospecting and measure the effectiveness of the different strategies used. This will allow you to make continuous adjustments and improvements to increase prospecting success.

By following these steps, you will be prepared to build a solid lead prospecting strategy that will fuel the success of your strategy, driving growth and customer satisfaction within your company.

How important is Customer Success ?

Finally, we need to understand whether this strategy will really bring benefits to your company. Some points that we should consider benefits would be:

  • Customers who go through Customer Success and their after-sales service strategies offer feedback , whether they want it or not, every day, which can help with important insights for the company’s development;
  • Through a loyal customer, you gain Social Proof , as the customer becomes likely to show loyalty and give positive testimonials about their experience with the company;
  • The CS facilitates the billing and payment process, because, by contacting him after purchasing the service or product, he can understand how the customer prefers to be charged or prefers to pay for what was obtained.

These are just some of the benefits that we can mention about Customer Success . In general, this strategy is increasingly adopted by companies, including large businesses like Netflix or Spotify. Therefore, investing in CS can help your company expand greatly .

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