Wix or WordPress: which one to choose?

Wix or WordPress: which one to choose?

Today there are no more excuses for not having a website, because there are several platforms available on the internet to create personalized and professional websites. But which is the best? Wix or WordPress?

For most new generation programmers who create websites using a platform with a multitude of tools for creating and managing content, they have no idea what it was like to create before.

On these platforms it is possible to create incredible websites, blogs and online stores! And if you’re new to the area, choosing the best website platform can be a big challenge.

But in this post, you will understand how each of the platforms work, their capabilities and who they are best suited for. So read until the end and understand the best platform for you to create a website .

Main differences between Wix and WordPress

First, it is important that you understand that on both platforms you can sell your products or services, create your portfolio and even start Digital Marketing strategies, but they do not provide the same services.

Wix is ​​an easy, fast, and beautiful website builder. With WordPress you will be able to create much larger websites, with more resources, but which requires technical knowledge. Now let’s understand a little more about each of them below.
Let’s start by talking about the Wix platform.


Who doesn’t know Wix , right?

And it’s no wonder that the platform became famous, Wix is ​​very intuitive and delivers what its audience is looking for. It’s great for anyone who wants to have a website, but doesn’t have any technical knowledge.

The page editor is very simple and intuitive and the platform has several editable templates for you to use or get inspired, this makes it much easier when creating a website.

Now, if you already know the programming language, you can make some changes to CSS and HTML, as well as plugins and the interface for the online store.

However, one point to take into account when choosing your website creator is that not all templates are responsive and today this is essential, as the majority of users use smartphones to access the internet.

Another disadvantage of Wix is ​​that it is more adapted for small businesses, so if you have dreams of growing your business, it may not be ideal.

Furthermore, websites tend to take a while to load and this can greatly harm the user experience and SEO of your website .

The site’s navigation is limited to a sublevel, which does not favor the organization of product catalogs in large quantities and lastly, the international stores are somewhat limited as you cannot sell in other currencies.

Wix has been trying to improve every day and establish itself as a performance-focused website builder, but it’s not quite there yet.

Now let’s talk about the WordPress platform.


Currently you can find two different versions of WordPress, WordPress.com and WordPress.org .

WordPress.com is very similar to Wix and completely online for creating websites with several customization options.

However, the other is WordPress.org, which is Open Source (open source) and has a huge community of active contributors.

This version needs to be downloaded and installed on a local server, or on contracted hosting. And it’s no surprise that CMS (Content Management System) in free translation is the most used content management system in the world.

Through this platform it is possible to create blogs, websites and professional stores, all due to its options, functionality and integration resources.

Although the platform does not require knowledge of systems and programming languages, it is important to have basic knowledge to install, configure and manage some tools (but relax, it is nothing out of this world).

And there’s no denying that WordPress is better and more powerful than Wix.

Wix or WordPress: which one should I choose then?

Finally, we can conclude that both Wix and WordPress are very popular platforms. However, Wix is ​​aimed at a more layman audience or those who do not want to delve into web development and is ideal for websites or smaller online stores, corporate pages and portfolios.

WordPress is the well-known CMS and the darling of the internet, precisely because it is a powerful and extremely efficient solution, in addition to being an open platform with constant evolution where you will be able to create large projects with complex resources.

It is ideal for creating powerful blogs and websites, directories, multilingual websites and even online stores, all customized according to your needs.

Although it requires some prior knowledge, it offers more advanced features for building pages, integration with other services, SEO improvements and data monitoring, factors that are essential for digital marketing. Creating a website requires a little knowledge and work, which with the right tool is much easier than you might think. So do you go for the quickest and easiest option or for the most advanced option with flexibility for much greater growth?

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