10 tips on how to make money with a blog

10 tips on how to make money with a blog

It’s time to start making money with your blog . Check it out below:

1. Earn money from ads

Displaying advertising is an excellent idea for monetizing your blog, because you will receive payment for each click generated and it does not require much effort from the blogger.

All you need to do is create an account on the ad platform and connect to your blog.

For this I recommend Google AdSense, it is a PPC program ( pay per click / cost per click) that allows you to display ads on your blog, the cool thing here is that you can customize the types and design of the ads that best match your content.

The setup process is very simple, but poorly optimized and positioned ads can reduce traffic and the blog may take a while to start receiving ads, but it’s worth it.

But for ads to be profitable, it is important that they meet the interests of your audience. For example, on your blog you talk about home decor and architecture, your audience probably won’t click on ads for fighting games.

However, choose ads that promote decorative items, utensils, furniture, etc.

2. Work with affiliate marketing

Another way to make money with a blog is to work with affiliate marketing.

To get started, simply join an affiliate platform and choose the products that your audience is interested in and promote them through product links and advertisements and receive a commission for each product sale originating on your blog.

3. Create exclusive (premium) content

Many people seek to connect with others by identifying with their experiences, knowledge, and personal perspective.

People want to follow because there is added value, be it professional advice, life tips, personal empowerment or different training and training (courses).

However, create free content that is also good and available to anyone, but consider creating paid plans in which you create exclusive content only for paying members.

Create subscription plans, such as monthly and annual plans. This is a very popular strategy practiced by big blogs.

Free articles will serve as a free sample to captivate and win over your audience, showing that your articles are worth paying for.

Have a publications calendar and write down which articles will be exclusive to subscribers and which will be available to everyone. The secret to success here is to continue delivering value to your community !

4. Write an e-book for sale (download)

Have you ever thought about creating a complete step-by-step guide on how to improve your personal marketing and sell it as an e-book? And this can be applied to any niche in the market.

Any issue that is highly relevant to your audience can become an e-book.

It can be a deeper analysis of a subject – a true treasure map since the path has been traveled by you and your experience is worth its weight in gold for those who have not yet followed it.

And who doesn’t want a map to success, right!?

The e-book, in addition to bringing in extra income, is also an opportunity to position your name as an authority in your niche.

Take advantage of your knowledge and help other people, seek to captivate people, and don’t forget to highlight how and why your experience is relevant to readers.

5. Sell an online course

Other ways to make money with a blog are to create and sell online courses. This strategy is much easier if you don’t have a writing skill and you don’t have a problem with cameras. This type of content has grown a lot on the web.

Creating online courses is a great idea and will help you increase engagement and authority, as well as being a powerful monetization strategy for your blog.

However, as with posts, you must create free video content, but in a shorter format. And you can make longer, in-depth videos on topics and ask to pay for premium videos.

You can use the YouTube platform itself to create a “Become a member” area and create a private, engaged community in your content that supports your channel and content.

And that they can enjoy all the benefits of learning a lot, in addition to what can be found for free on the internet from those they already trust and follow.

Here you can make educational videos, professional improvement, or programming tutorials, among others.

6. Write public posts

Many brands look for bloggers to use their blog for advertising purposes. Here would be a sponsored post where a review of the product is made. It could also be a video showing the blogger using the product in their daily personal or professional life.

It’s a great way to make money with a blog and unlike ads and affiliate programs, here you know how much you’ll earn.

7. Get sponsored by a brand

Another way to make money with a blog is with paid partnerships, making your blog, or even your entire online presence, sponsored by a brand.

In this model of how to make money with a blog , it is not necessary to dedicate entire articles to reviews and recommendations of products or services.

You will display the sponsoring brand in the blog header, or also thank them for their support in blog articles, social media posts and even in their videos, always trying to mention the brand.

This form of partnership doesn’t limit your creative freedom too much, and can yield good results, especially if it’s a brand you admire.

However, it is important to make expectations and limitations clear from the beginning, so that the quality of your work is not compromised later.

8. Offer coaching or consulting services

Thinking about how to make money blogging should be your main occupation if you want to make a living from it.

And if you want to be successful with your blog, you must see it as a platform where you are a reference on a certain subject/niche, and where you want to share your knowledge with your audience.

And why not take advantage of the interest people have in what you have to say and offer a personalized learning experience, through training or coaching!?

An example for you, through the blog you promote your passion for patchwork sewing, you can create individual mentoring sessions where you help beginners in the technique through video classes and online meetings to answer questions.

Or if you work with a programming language , you can offer consultancy to help companies solve specific problems.

Regardless of your niche, there is always a way to transform your knowledge into useful information for other people.

 9. Sell products with your brand

Selling products with your brand is nothing new in the world and many well-known bloggers and influencers take the opportunity to make money from it.

That’s why many bloggers make money by selling products inspired by their content. Although many are influential and well-known, internet fame is not a prerequisite for selling products.

Monetize your blog by selling merchandise related to your niche market. It can be specific items relevant to your business, or personalizing general products with your logo.

10. Continue to promote your blog uninterruptedly

For any strategy to be successful and for you to learn how to make money with a blog, it is important to attract a lot of traffic and it needs to be constant. And to ensure this happens it is essential that you promote your blog.

Making this happen is important, so implement some practices that we have outlined below:

  • Social networks: Social networks are great allies for you to attract more followers. Create quality content that engages with your audience on channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and promote your blog and quickly increase your blog’s traffic.
  • E-mail marketing: One way to keep your audience engaged with your content is through newsletters. Send regular emails with new content, news, events, promotions, among others. But remember to deliver captivating text that really adds value to your audience.
  • Search engine optimization: We can no longer avoid constantly looking for actions to attract more clicks in search results, which is why it is essential to invest in SEO, especially if your objective is to find out how to make money with a blog . The beauty of SEO is that you can optimize your blog as a whole and still focus on specific articles to attract qualified traffic through searches such as Google.

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