SEO – How to Create a Niche Website?

SEO – How to Create a Niche Website?

Regardless of the time of year we are in, we can always improve or create a new project.

Although I’m a little busy with some projects that are already underway, anyone who works with affiliate programs , digital marketing and SEO should always think about creating new assets.

This is one of the great advantages of those who  work with the Internet , it is possible to multiply, scale and reap the rewards in the future.

The process is simple,  plant, water and then harvest,  for some it may take time for the harvest to arrive, but it always arrives, we just can’t give up.

Imagine a small project that generated R$90.00 (yes, I’m talking about small earnings, but they can be multiplied in a simple and efficient way) approximately spending just a few hours, with an SEO test at the beginning of the month.

How much can you  generate over the course of a year  if you work more regularly and invest more hours in the same project? Tests and more tests are needed until we get the point right and then start generating returns and finally go on autopilot.

With so many strategies such as SEO, Link Building, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Guest Post, knowing how to choose and combine the one that gives the best return is fundamental to the success of the project.

One of the secrets is the channels and ways to generate traffic for your project.

Knowing how to choose it in order to boost your blog or website can be the big difference, some sources are good for some things, others not so much, hence the need to test.

Anyway, I’ve already started with the most generic niche site, a blog will be created with pages for some keywords and then the posts section for generating themes for the long tail.

The objective for this blog is to generate authority in the long term, get regular and continuous traffic, if I am able to generate traffic with other projects why not with this new one too.

This is one of the great secrets to  making money on the internet , multiplying what you already have or what you know how to do well.

I think that when creating a blog you shouldn’t focus on generating a short-term return, think about the medium and even long term (my projects are thought of in this way where the return becomes more regular).

In this project, even when it was born, I had a very different vision, so much so that it took a long time to take hold and now it is well defined and it is part of the record of what I do on a daily basis.

Everything I learn and test, I will try to post here on Level Max, strategies, tips, the idea is to make sure people can follow the work, find suggestions that help them think outside the box in  Digital Marketing  and in a simpler way.

Particularly today, I don’t care if this project appears in the first positions for the word X or Y, the objective here is that whoever finds it reads the content and can take advantage of the information, I want to deliver something that the user needs.

And thinking this way, I’m creating the project, this  new niche website , is for common users who search for certain information as an end user to consume the content, thus bringing more qualified traffic, so it’s in the long term.

How to Create a Niche Website ?

The strategy used here is very simple, without such aggressive SEO:

  1. Define the focus, keyword, and work around it with related content
  2. After the content is well structured and created (already with the basic content and words defined), the related pages created and the blog with some posts, the next step will be to insert links and advertorial banners, perhaps even AdSense, although the low traffic at the beginning, it can be interesting in some niches, in the long term it helps pay small  expenses
  3. Start collecting leads through the website, even with the low volume of visits, collecting leads will be very important to help you monetize, and this must be done right at the beginning of the project to take advantage of any visit
  4. Insert links in affiliate content and CPA campaigns ( Cost Per Action )
  5. Use the blog to review products related to the niche and articles
  6. Create some channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and publish some content to help with publicity, help generate authority and attract traffic, this is where content distribution begins

These are some basic points to start the project and receive visitors. Once everything is published, it’s time to start generating organic traffic , and with publicity on other channels through videos, for example, this will increase visits.

We are creating a simple website for potential clients and not search engines like Google, apply the basics of SEO and you will see that in a month you will be receiving hits and generating sales possibilities, after 6 months the project will have gained more authority, more content and of course more hits, greater qualified traffic, greater chance of sales.

Rohan Sharma

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