What is SEO? Why is doing this important for your sales? 5 More Facts!

What is SEO? Why is doing this important for your sales? 5 More Facts!

Knowing its importance is fundamental for your business, but first you need to understand what SEO is and how it helps your company sell more on a daily basis.

This term is very old and well known by companies and digital marketing professionals who create content, especially those who work with Inbound Marketing .

They somehow already know the importance of SEO for the success of a marketing strategy and the potential it has to generate many sales.

Knowing how to use SEO to generate sales is a big difference, as most businesses don’t use it. SEO is much more than just writing articles, it also helps in other aspects of your business such as sales, service, customer support.

SEO is well known by those who produce content and know its importance for the strategy of a business that wants to reach more people.

Using SEO correctly allows your company to reduce advertising costs, helps your potential customers find you more easily, and can bring great benefits to your online business.

But first, you need to understand what SEO is and its importance within the content that is created to help you sell more every day.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , it is an expression in English and the free translation would be something like Search Engine Optimization .

And when we talk about search, we immediately remember our friend Google, which is the main search site, which has hundreds, if not thousands of factors that it uses to choose which site will appear first in searches.

These Google ranking factors tell you how important a given page is, and in what position it will be in the search results.

SEO aims to help your content appear more prominently in Google searches, giving it more relevance to your audience .

Remember first, the content needs to be of quality, and with the use of SEO techniques you can improve your positioning in searches for related keywords and perhaps reach the much-desired first position.

Why is SEO important for my company?

When you produce content, you want people to find it and consume it.

The objective of SEO is to make this content even more relevant when the user searches for something related and appears highlighted.

We can say that SEO has the duty to present the best answer to what the user is searching for, in this case your content in Google searches, for example.

Every company wants to be a reference in the market where it operates, it wants to appear, make its products or services become well known and thus generate a lot of sales.

With SEO this becomes possible, after all, imagine if your website or blog resolved all doubts related to your product or service.

If every time someone searched for a question or topic related to your product or service, your website appeared with content targeted to what they wanted, it would be ideal.

After all, everyone would see what you offer and could buy it. That’s the goal of SEO, to get you found. But your business may also have other objectives, it will all depend on what you want.

And the areas that gain the most from using the SEO strategy are Service and Sales.

Most qualified visits

SEO is very good at this, if well planned and executed it will attract people who are really interested in what you do.

People will see your content about the question they have and it will be answered, and the content can answer what they want or direct them to purchase a product.

If your website doesn’t make it clear what you do, or what you sell, it could generate doubts in people who are coming to you.

And a good SEO strategy combined with good content will bring more qualified people, who are interested in your company’s products and services, and this in the medium and long term makes both service and sales easier. It makes these processes easier.

SEO helps in communicating with people

Search engines are increasingly intelligent, and SEO needs to follow the same path, it makes communication through content easier, it adds relevance and makes what you produce more effective for those who consume it.

Your content generates clearer and easier communication, after all, the person doing the search found what they wanted more easily and quickly.

You need to deliver what people want with your content, and without fluff. This makes her understand that you are helping in some way.

Who doesn’t like having all their questions answered? Even more in one place. This is an excellent way to retain people.

Meeting consumer needs helps your online business sell more .

The simpler and easier you communicate and serve the visitor, the easier it will be to sell to them.

You should always focus on more generic content to attract people, and also on more specific content to solve the problems of those who already know what they want.

Doing it this way will achieve excellent results.

Greater connection and engagement with your audience

When you attract more qualified visitors, they come because of your content, as it helped in some way.

Doing this makes it easier to connect with your audience, after all you are generating more value for them.

The closer you are to your audience, the better you can get to know them and make an offer.

Imagine on your website, on every page, having an online chat where visitors can ask questions when they arrive? This would make his life easier and bring him closer to your company.

How to do SEO correctly?

There is no point in understanding that SEO is important for your business and rushing out to create content, thinking that just quantity is enough to generate more sales.

For SEO to generate results it needs much more than that, and to make it easier I’ll show you some tips.

Essential SEO Tips

1 – SEO Planning: You will need it!

SEO planning is the first step to start doing before executing any digital marketing strategy.

You need to understand all the factors and objectives you want, who your desired audience is, where you want to appear, and how you will do all this, and also if there are any competitors.

Planning now will make your life easier later on and reduce your risks and boost your sales.

2 – Who will do this? Your team?

Here you can do it in two ways, either your internal team does it or hires an SEO Agency or Digital Marketing Agency with SEO knowledge to do it.

At this moment it is essential to be qualified and understand what needs to be done, the success of your SEO strategy depends on this.

SEO requires attention, Google always makes changes to its algorithm and this is important, not to mention the quality that always needs to be improving.

Anyone working with the company’s SEO will need to always be up to date.

3 – SEO Results: Monitoring is essential!

If you want to know if your actions are generating results with SEO you will need to monitor it.

This applies to any digital marketing strategy, you need to keep an eye on the metrics and results obtained.

You should start this action from day one, and know that there are tools and courses to help you better understand this part.

Understanding the data that is generated and using it to make adjustments will help achieve even better results.

4 – First Mobile! Never forget!

Nowadays most searches are coming from cell phones, everyone is online with their smartphone in hand and probably using Google.

The use of mobile devices is already dominant in many segments, and this deserves your attention.

Therefore, always test how it appears on your cell phone.

Your SEO strategy should look at mobile first, after all, that’s where people will come from.

Make sure they have a good experience when they arrive at your website and this will ensure that more people want to access it.

The Importance of SEO: 5 Google Search Statistics You Need to Know!

Now that you know what SEO is , you need to understand even more about its importance for your business.

If you are thinking about using digital marketing to sell more , you need to use SEO too.

See some facts that show that SEO deserves to be in your strategies.

5 Facts about why SEO generates value for your business

Why SEO?

In the current moment we live in, many people only look at paid ads, they believe that paid traffic solves everything, but not everyone has the budget available to start advertising at this moment.

In this business scenario, SEO should be an alternative, it ends up becoming essential for your sales, so understanding what SEO is and applying it in your daily life makes all the difference.

SEO is capable of bringing an excellent return on investment for your business.

See 5 facts about how being well positioned in searches is important for your online business!

– Fact #1

Search is what generates the most traffic to websites, especially for local businesses, often far surpassing social media.

– Fact #2

Most users still ignore the paid ads shown in searches and therefore skip this part and go to the organic results.

– Fact #3

Most users do not go beyond the first page of search results, often remaining only on the first page.

– Fact #4

Contacts generated through SEO tend to be more qualified, generating greater business chances for companies, especially in local businesses compared to other means.

– Fact #5

Practically more than 90% of traffic is on the first page of the search result for the searched keyword.

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