The 7 marketing trends for 2024

The 7 marketing trends for 2024

Check it out below:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is certainly one of the biggest trends for 2024!

Will it replace human labor? We don’t think so! But she came to add, a lot!

The ideas and sensitivity in which path we should follow are irreplaceable, what we can do is save time with tools that will help in the creation of texts, competitor research and creation of methodologies capable of making us come out ahead of companies that do not use the modernity in your favor.

With the industry exploring technology for the creativity development process, the need to deeply understand the effectiveness of this outcome will be even more important in the coming year and beyond.

2. The marketing war for engagement in 2024

With companies increasingly advertising on the internet (using paid traffic ), the path to developing organic strategies has been increasingly explored by marketing professionals .

The importance of engagement metrics for measuring media reach and effectiveness is here to stay (we’re not talking about vanity metrics).

The use of predictive attention metrics based on artificial intelligence is on the rise and is expected to play a greater role in 2024, allowing professionals in the field to measure attention at scale for ads with organic reach (free).

To achieve this, it is increasingly necessary to pay more attention to partnerships with channels that already have engagement (influencers) and that they have the same tone of voice as the brand in question.

3. Cultural values

Consumers are increasingly demanding in relation to brands. Initiatives that explore cultural values ​​will stand out even more in 2024.

This is because most consumers say they are willing to make an effort to buy from companies that support causes relevant to them.

With this in mind, it will be important to consider risk management in marketing planning and ensure that brands are well informed regarding broader societal issues, such as the environment, healthy workforce, among others.

Being authentic and taking sides on issues important to society will ensure a path to building emotional connection with consumers.

4. Offline media and advertising in marketing 2024

Amid changes in consumer behaviors, offline media appears as an essential channel for engaging audiences.

Looking ahead to 2024, buyers and sellers will need independent measurements to prove physical channel performance to create better advertising experiences.

5. Humanized content

Yes, Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly present in the lives of those who do marketing.

It is also necessary to think about the humanization of content and this will be a good bet for 2024.

This trend should also be a response to those who believe that AIs steal jobs.

The idea is that content generated by AI is shaped to get closer to the public.

Whether in customer relationships or as prompts in tools to create materials that are truly close to what is expected of a human, humanization appears as an improvement tool.

6. Best User Experience in Marketing 2024

This trend is related to the last one, as it concerns the user experience with your brand and product.

UX has been a topic of debate for some time and has been increasingly strengthened in companies.

Whether through design (UX Design) or writing (UX writing), the product is strategically designed to propose a personalized journey, with intuition and good guidance.

In marketing 2024, this theme should take on new contours, whether through the use of AI or to create an increasingly diverse and unobstructed experience for audiences with restrictions, for example.

Many of these trends also bring into debate the diversity of the public consuming the internet.

The generations of the public is already a reality and the growth of a younger age group and the aging of an older one, but consumption and the internet increasingly improves the understanding of this diversity.

Therefore, the suggestion is to read the text about generations X, Y and Z!

7. Automation

Finally, we couldn’t stop talking about automation in marketing trends for 2024.

Even though this tool is already part of business reality, the trend is for processes to become increasingly automated.

In an extremely volatile reality, companies need to delegate tasks and save time for strategic efforts.

Therefore, marketing automation will be increasingly included in companies’ routines.

And it doesn’t stop there: automations that optimize business and are capable of speeding up bureaucratic tasks are also highlighted.

Therefore, to have a productive 2024, our tip is to start by investing in automation resources that really make a difference in your company.

Rohan Sharma

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