YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts: 6 of the Best Niches to Start Today!

YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts: 6 of the Best Niches to Start Today!

Now shyness will no longer be an obstacle to creating your YouTube channel . So let’s see the types of channels.

1. DIY – Do it yourself, tutorials, tricks and tips

“DIY” is an abbreviation of “Do It Yourself”, an English term that means “Do it yourself”.

DIY videos, tutorials and tips for everyday life, this type of content often does not require you to appear on camera, you can simply record your hands, the computer screen or the environment and without having to appear,

And most of the time, you simply need to show how someone can achieve a goal and that will add a lot of value to the viewer. Since you are helping him in some way.

These types of videos can show how to build something, a recipe, how to download or create a formula in Excel, use a program, assemble a piece of furniture, the list is endless.

2. Gameplay and game tips

There is a very popular niche that people search for, the gaming niche on YouTube has great potential for monetizing and making money without having to appear.

If you are good at a certain style of game, have skills and can give tips on how to improve, this is an excellent opportunity.

I’m sure there is someone interested in your skills, but here you need to differentiate yourself and you can’t deliver more of the same, otherwise it will take longer to grow.

You can specialize in a style of games, give tips on how to evolve, bring news, talk about events, all without having to appear.

A simple tutorial can go viral and make your channel grow a lot on YouTube.

The more differentiated your content is and the more it helps your viewer, the better it will be for your channel.

One tip is to keep an eye on games that are trending on other platforms like Twitch and take advantage of the hype.

3. Tips and tutorials for recording your computer or cell phone screen

Here the possibility of content is endless, you can create tutorials teaching how to use computer tools such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, among others, or cell phone applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Trello, etc.

You can choose the niche of mobile apps or just computers, or even both to reach more people.

All of this recording just the computer or cell phone screen, the important thing is to explain and show how to achieve the result to add value with your content.

Video content can be very simple, such as tips on how to use program shortcuts, configuration, complete step-by-step tutorials on how to use or customize.

4. Animation

Create animated videos, if you have creativity and an artistic touch it is an excellent option, now if you don’t that’s no problem, there are tools that help with this type of content.

There are tools that allow you to use the image library to create the content you want.

You can create stories, short stories, or summarize books through illustrations and narration.

This type of content is excellent for attracting people, it can summarize books and tell stories through animations.

The creativity and quality of the content is essential to make your channel grow with this type of content.

5. Product analysis and review

I love this type of channel, it’s an excellent opportunity to create content and even earn money on YouTube with affiliate products.

Many times, manufacturers’ and online stores’ websites don’t have as much information about the products, and here you can bring together content from several places into one within your video, showing photos and videos of the product, technical details and even how it can be used the product in the best way.

To carry out the evaluation you don’t need to show up, it can be a presentation or video clip of the product, providing details and angles to learn more.

Talk about details that are not found in the product description.

Ah, you don’t need to buy the product, especially at the beginning, you can focus on using videos from the manufacturer, photos of the products, information and opinions from other users.

A good narration saying what people can’t find on the website can be a big differentiator.

Imagine talking about whether or not the notebook runs the current game, whether or not it allows expansion, whether it is within the average price, etc.

And depending on the type of product, you can even add some curiosities and comparisons.

6. Travel videos

If you travel a lot, this could be an excellent niche for your channel, especially if you like to discover new places and record it all.

It is possible to record your trips with just the camera and a short narration and with that you already have content to have your YouTube channel without appearing, ideal for those who want to make a living from YouTube and traveling at the same time.

This niche can be great for introverts who enjoy being behind the camera.

The big difference could be placing the location as the central point of the video, and thus talking and giving tips on how to enjoy the trip.

Travel videos can start with small places near you, teaching you how to enjoy what’s nearby without having to spend money. And expand little by little.

There is certainly a city around yours that has a tourist attraction that can be promoted, and you can also close partnerships with local businesses and tourism companies.

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