How to Increase Traffic to your Blog? 5 Simple Tips!

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog? 5 Simple Tips!

1 – First of all: improve the title of your blog and articles!

It seems silly, right? I hear this a lot, but few people make improvements to this item, most of them create the blog, add the title and forget about it.

What many don’t know is that a good title makes all the difference, it can be decisive between people passing by or clicking to learn more, an  irresistible title  can  attract a lot of traffic to your blog .

But don’t stop there, go further and make the post titles irresistible, remember that your post will have more competitors, and that’s when a good and attractive title will draw attention, remember, your title needs to grab the reader and bring it to your blog.

To improve the titles, we will create a small formula to check, answering the questions:

  1. What is this post about?
  2. Who is he for?
  3. How will it help you?

If you know your persona well , it will be easier to improve and make you irresistible.

You need to know “what” she says, “who” will help, “how” she will help.

To be able to answer this you need to practice, that’s right, take tests, research, improve your repertoire of words, all of this will help you  develop the creation of titles .

See some examples of titles I created based on this article:

  • 5 Simple Ways to Generate More Traffic: I Guarantee It!
  • How to increase organic Website Traffic without spending anything!

Remember, the best way to achieve your objective here is to know your audience well, but that’s not all, try to understand their needs or desires well.

And for that, it only takes practice and lots of tests to get the ideal title right.

2 – Time to check your social networks and the audience generated by them

We can say that in the past most traffic came from desktop computers, but nowadays this has changed a lot, more and more visits are coming from cell phones, from people who stay connected on social networks (there are still some exceptions).

To check this, you can check Google Analytics and see the visits generated, having a  mobile business  today is fundamental, see right here in a project where the biggest visitation comes from mobile, and increasingly comes from cell phones.

Because I work from home and spend a lot of time in front of the computer, I end up using the desktop a lot, but the reality is that cell phone access is increasingly dominating. So it’s always a good idea to test your cell phone access.

This is a way to see the behavior of your blog on the networks, that’s right, see how the images, texts, font size, thumbs and everything else appear.

Try to notice whether the calls jump out at you, as is the experience of scrolling the page.

All of this needs to be checked, access the main channels such as Instagram, Facebook and others that you use most, see if it is catching your attention and what you can do to improve.

3 – Infographics, flashy pieces and everything else

It’s good to practice here, this item is very important and with Canva you will be able to create very attractive pieces, from banners, covers, infographics etc

With your more creative pieces you will attract more attention and consequently generate more traffic and capture more emails for your list .

Even a simple art will still be very eye-catching as you can get creative and use icons, images, texts and much more.

But don’t be afraid to use the tool, start playing around and when you see it you’ll be creating beautiful art, and to help you, Canva offers ready-made models, that’s right, do you want it to be easier than that?

Start with the simple and try to improve, this alone will help generate more traffic to your blog.

Try to convey a very clear message, make sure people understand it in a simple and objective way, they shouldn’t waste time trying to decipher the image.

4 – Time to review keywords

Some call it a “keyword”, here I’m going to call it a keyword , it’s what you research and use to create your content, through it you start, you generate the post, publish it and that’s it?

Well, your work doesn’t end with publishing, in fact it just begins, there are many ways to optimize your content for search (SEO).

One of the ways is to review the content, in this case the content’s keywords , this can be done regularly, especially for those that you really want to position.

Here you may come across different situations, where you will try to position for very competitive words and over time you will notice a slower evolution, another is to decide to change, review and change the focus of the article to another word, perhaps a long- tail word. , and thus make better use of the content of the post.

It’s at these times when we need to think outside the box, sometimes you’re so stuck on a highly competitive word that when you convert your word to a long tail, everything can change, and who knows, it could even be a hotter term, with better conversion.

Google increasingly focuses on the user and semantics greatly influences this, the variation of words is fundamental, from this point on, this is where the article can have a much better positioning through other words in the search.

For example, when writing something for the word “increase traffic”, if you work this way you will probably be positioning in the long term for other words such as “increase blog traffic”, “generate blog visits” , “increase blog visits through content” and so on, all because your content addresses these topics and you work it into your content to generate visits to your blog.

Remember, your content can go much further, plan well the keywords you will use and think about the semantics, this way you can greatly improve the results and generate more traffic for your blog.

Think fast, act fast…

Pay attention to your content, I have projects with posts on the most varied pages from the first to the tenth, and even further than that.

Here, don’t get stuck on just one keyword, remember that  there are variations that can be faster to position and less competitive.

Pay attention to everything. Some may go unnoticed, although they have a lower search volume, they may be easier to position and have better conversion, who knows, maybe even get them on the first page faster and generate more traffic for your business .

One tip, which at least I use a lot, is to think about the most competitive words in the long term, and the least competitive ones in the short and medium term, this way it is easier to generate results.

Over time, they all end up gaining strength and generating much more traffic to your blog on a consistent basis.

5 – Quality external link is also very important

A very important thing that helps, but is little explored or used incorrectly is the external link to a high-quality post.

Do you want to make your blog high quality and be well regarded, also link to quality posts, look for those that you admire and would like to be the same or similar to.

Google uses a lot of association, a link on your blog to another on a related subject will make it easier for it to associate, and this has its share in search rankings.

Rohan Sharma

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