What is marketing automation and how it can be crucial to increasing your sales

What is marketing automation and how it can be crucial to increasing your sales

Anyone who has heard about Digital Marketing and advances in Marketing in general has certainly come across the term “marketing automation”.

The audience accessible via the internet is enormous and marketing strategies in this field capable of attracting them have grown increasingly larger.

However, carrying out all of them with maximum assertiveness and use is a great challenge for both small entrepreneurs and large companies.

And that’s exactly where a good marketing automation flow comes in. It helps companies reach potential customers on a large scale, and in a personalized way!

Check out this content how it works and why it is interesting for your business to adopt a marketing automation platform.

What is marketing automation

In the same way that the industry produces more cars without necessarily hiring more people, a marketing automation flow is capable of combining technology and processes to optimize and increase the efficiency and results of marketing and sales teams.

In general, we can say that marketing automation means planning and acting in a personalized and scalable way, with regard to the relationship with your business’s potential customers through different online channels.

It means understanding exactly the lead’s profile and interest in their phase of the shopping journey, giving them all the information and assistance they need at that particular moment in an automated way .

With a marketing automation flow, it is possible to schedule posts on social media, send specific emails according to data and/or lead behavior, evaluate and segment people who are ready to be directed to the sales team, measure results of campaigns and much more.

Advantages of knowing what marketing automation is and implementing it in your business

After knowing what marketing automation is, let’s see what the main benefits are of adopting this aid in your business.

Increased lead generation and nurturing

By having a tool that automates actions and activities of the marketing team, your lead generation will be greater and lead nurturing will become more strategic.

This is because landing pages and forms present in online channels will send lead data directly to your base, a base that you must segment to relate to potential customers in a personalized and targeted way.

As we said, you can schedule posts on social media and email blasts, so just leave the content ready, segment which type of material should go to each lead, and let the tool work for the team by shooting.

And to facilitate measurement, after the action it offers reports and numbers to measure opening rates, for example, and the effectiveness of campaigns.

This makes it possible to nurture your leads in a more intelligent and scalable way, in addition to being able to make adjustments along the way based on the data collected.

Shorter sales cycle

As all preparation and nutrition work is done by the system, sellers start to receive leads in the last stages of the shopping journey.

This means that the customer is already mature and has resolved most of their doubts or objections about the product/service, after all, the nutrition materials provided the necessary information.

This way, the seller’s time is optimized and when he receives the lead, the negotiation is objective and focused on decisive points.

Less recurring work

As we said, with the marketing automation flow, much of the lead preparation activities are automated.

Of course, the team remains focused on crucial tasks that determine the success of actions, such as creating paths and mental triggers to attract and convert leads.

In other words, the strategic and decisive part still remains in people’s hands.

And when they have a tool that automates actions that do not require human interaction or effort, there is no need to spend all the time starting from scratch, facing rework and making adjustments.

Personalized communication according to segmentation

With automation campaigns, it is possible to segment leads using criteria such as position, company, business segment, moment of purchase, content consumed, etc.

Based on the data collected and the position of each lead in the segmentation, the team can personalize communication in a much more strategic way, making different leads follow their own paths of knowledge and maturity, and not a generic path.

The result is more efficient actions and a much more engaging level of customer relationship, adding value at each stage and keeping leads eager for the next emails.

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